3 Comments on “My doctor wants to do an injection should a cortisone injection be done without ultra sound guidance?

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    Treating the inflammation caused by the calceneal spur can be done with injecting steroid into the site of spur…and yes it can be done without US guidance…
    Generally steroids will soothe pain and treat the inflammation but not going to treat the cause..this is way you need to in addition to dietary changes…consider for shock wave therapy …

  2. hi
    Yes,cortisone injection can be taken without ultrasound guidance. Once the xray is done and the exact location of the spur is noted,doctor can give it without any ultrasound guidance.The doctor needs to be skillful or else if he has no confidence,then it would be better to take ultrasound guidance. Its a doctor’s call

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    it would be better if it is done with ultrasound guidance,but its not compulsory. Depending on the painful part,the injection can be given

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