3 Comments on “My doctor prescribed Belviq XR(20mg) and Phentermine(15mg) for weight loss?

  1. Hi
    In my opinion you should take only one of them and monitor there side effects then switch to the other if you experience and sever side effects, I do not recommend taking both of them together unless non of them alone caused serious side effects
    Actually it is better if you use only one of them at a time

    Good luck

  2. I do not really recommend belviq or phentermine as they work on CNS and known with many side effects.
    Depend mainly on exercise ,yoga and 5 meals daily diet,plenty of water and if you have hypothyroidism I think you should better get a proper thyroxine drug according to the levels of hormone in your blood. I.e levothyroxine ..
    Raspberry ketones is a safe su stitute for weight reduction ..

  3. hi,
    its better to take them atleast 6 hours apart.
    but these tablets have serious side effects.
    instead of taking these medicines,do weight loss exercises,dieting and gym.
    avoid rice,wheat and sweet food.

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