3 Comments on “My daughter has cutis marmorata, Is there a treatment for it? Or cover up make up?

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    As the symptoms and signs did not disappear until your daughter’s age then it is a type called Cutaneous Marmorata Telangiectasia Congenita (CMTC), which is a more permanent vascular anomaly that does not disappear with rewarming of the skin(unlike the normal cutis marmorata)…until now there is no known treatment other than supportive skin treatment but fortunately some research says it disappears with adolescence.
    Only vascular insufficiency that may occur with aging is a concern of treatment…

  2. Do not worry it will improve by age
    But keep her warm at all time
    Also intense cardiovascular fitness exercise would speed up recovery

  3. It will improve by age also keep her warm and encourage intense cardiovascular exercise
    Like running and cyclying

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