My daughter cries after and sometimes while eating?

My daughter is going to be four months old next week. She was eating four to six ounces of milk every 3-4 hours and recently only eats 2-4 ounces. She has reflux but have never had this issue with her before. She cries after and sometimes while eating. She does pass gas while and during feeding.

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  1. hi,
    this may be due to the reflux causing gas problems.
    probiotics and colicaid drops will help.

  2. Is it artificial milk ?? And if yes .. why?
    Are feeding her on demand or on specific timing s?
    Is she vomiting or not and when in relation to the feeds?
    Her stomach is lax or tender?
    She is passing stool ? How many times? What is the consistency and color?

  3. This is due to the excessive milk intake actually as milk is known to weaken the pyloric sphincter and causes bloating..
    this may be also lactose intolerance so i recommend preventing milk for a week until she becomes well and give her probiotics, fibers and plenty of water.

  4. She also eats single grain oatmeal with some of her bottles will this also affect her reflux?

  5. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    It looks like either she has stomach infection or intolerance to certain specific kinds of foods..
    So you should get her thorough clinical examination done under supervision of a Paediatrician..

    Hope this helps..

  6. Yes, If she has reflux problem it can still occur and there can be certain specific foods that can cause problem..

    Hope this helps.

  7. She is just 4 month , exclusive milk feeding either formulas or breastfeeding is a must, her gastric intestinal system is still under developed
    Introducing anything else is v bad , and going to affect her badly

  8. Also check her oral cavity if their any white patches or ulcers …

    Nb milk is exclusively for 6 months with following up her weight in the nearby primary healthcare centre

  9. Oat meal can help as oat assists in absorbing acid from stomach thus can reduce reflux..

  10. Hi
    Oat meal + artificial milk can cause all her to have constipation and reflux, if you can breast feed sometimes till she is fully ready it would be better

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