My cell phone caught fire and I was exposed to chemical fumes?

I went to the E.R. last week. My cell phone caught fire and I researched what was in the fumes after I decided to go to the hospital. I told the E.R. doctor that I was exposed to these fumes long enough for my eyes, ears, throat to burn and skin to be irritated. I also lost a sense of time and felt dizzy with chest pains. Should they have done toxicology screenings with blood and urine tests since I said I was exposed to chemicals?

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  1. Hi
    If your okay now then there is no reason to worry, but yes at the time I would have been wise
    Good Luck

  2. Hi,
    obviously,the answer is yes.
    Considering the amount of exposure that you were exposed to,the toxicology tests should have been performed to see the toxin levels in ur body.

  3. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Can you please tell that are you having any symptoms right now also like breathing difficulty, dizziness, chest pain etc or any other symptoms?
    Did the ER gave you any medication or have you started feeling better now?
    This will help in deciding that you need treatment or not..

    Hope this helps..


  4. If you are having no symptoms now then it is OK..but if u still have symptoms like nausea,vomiting cough chest pains frequent urination then it is necessary other wise do not worry.

  5. Sometimes it’s done if there is a n obvious and serious symptoms , vomiting, loss of consciousness ….

    Ur state may be was a lol bit stable

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