My blood test results are abnormal, should I be concerned?

I am a 43 year old female with no medical history or medication.

I have been having regular nosebleeds for months now. My haemaglobin, RBC count and platelets are all normal however my WBC count is 4.2, lymphocytes 1.6, haematocrit 0.38 and neutrophils 2.0. Should I be concerned?

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  1. There is absolutely no reason to worry , just try to keep warm Good Luck

  2. hi
    these are signs of reduced immunity.
    eat healthy diet.
    take protein supplements.
    no other active management required at present.

  3. HI

  4. These results may indicate a mild inflammation like flu or something like it.
    Nothing to worry.
    Yoga and regular exercise and avoiding infection sources and maintaining healthy diet are good assisting factors.

  5. hello there
    the results are not alarmingly abnormal.
    they are absolutely fine and you need not worry.
    take anti oxidant tablets for 1 month

  6. In most of the cases it is normal,but my main concern is , what if its a red flag for something hidden as its something new,

    Check your blood pressure, what about your menses lately, tell me more about the bleeding duration and timing, is it associated with any thing else, what stops it and what increases its recurrence
    i recommend you to do MRI to the brain just to be in the safe side,

    Eat well and do some exercises

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