My blood result monocytes are high. Can anyone explain to me what might cause that?

I recently had some blood work done and wanted an opinion on the results.

Wbc 2.6, auto neut 27.7, auto lymphs 16.4, auto mono 24.7, auto eos 0.4, abs neut 0.7, abs lymph 0.8, Ag ratio 1.0.

So essentially everything is low except my monocytes. Can anyone explain to me what might cause that?

Age: 26
Medications: None
General Information: I’ve been having a lot of bone pain & fatigue so I went to my doctor who ordered these tests, but I’m unable to get in to see him soon.

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  1. Hello. Is it possible for you to send us the laboratory reference ranges for your results. Thank you.

  2. Hello, If monocytes are high this is a sign that there is some kind of problem elsewhere. Think of monocytes as “little soldiers” – if monocytes are high this means your body is producing more soldiers to fight out some other condition … like an infection or other disorder or problem. Thank you.

  3. The reference ranges are:
    Wbc 4.8-10 {my count is 2.6}
    Auto neut 42.2- 75.2 {my count is 27.7}
    Auto lymphs 20.5- 51.1 {my count is 16.4}
    Auto mono 2.0- 13.0 {my count is 24.7}
    Auto eos 1-5 {my count is 0.4}
    Abs neut 2.2-9.1 {my count is 0.7}
    Abs lymph 0.96-4.32 {my count is 0.8}

    Playlets, red blood cells etc are fine & in normal ranges. At the bottom of the report under WBC population it says neutropenia.

    I will also add that I have lost almost 10lbs in a matter of around 3 weeks & am extremely fatigued. I do have a history of “free bleeding” which started last year. I hemmoraged 4 tImes & went into DIC once & was sick for a really long time. I still bruise easily but everything for a bleeding disorder was negative so doctors were baffled by what caused it. One oncologist mentioned leukemia at one point in time, but it wasn’t ever presued very hard because at the time my blood work wasn’t that abnormal except for a few things here & there. But now it appears to have gotten worse.

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Increased levels of monocytes or Monocytosis is commonly seen in case of cases of infection..
    So it is advisable to get further investigations done to rule out the cause..


  5. Hello. Although your monocytes are high you have many other results which are abnormally low. This signifies a more complex underlying problem which needs to be identified. You will need to continue to work with your doctor and relevant specialists to identify the problem. Thank you for your question.

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