My baby’s arms measure 7 weeks behind and her legs 2 weeks behind?

Good afternoon,

I am a 39 year old woman and im currently pregnant at 30 weeks but my baby’s arms measure 7 weeks behind and her legs 2 weeks behind. Ive checked for down syndrome it came out negative other than that the baby is healthy everywhere. Does this specifically have to mean dwarfism??
Both her father and i are tall

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  1. Hi
    I am really sorry this called Phocomelia ,
    Can be due to using thalidomide or a Recessive genetic disorders (regardless of parents being tall) or simply a mistake during cell division
    Surgery’s can be done to fix some defects

  2. i do not think this is dwarfism.
    there are almost 6 weeks more for pregnancy to get complete.
    so,if all the other organs have grown well,even this will grow to normal.
    repeat test after 2 weeks
    take calcium and vitamin D rich tablets

  3. It could be achondroplasia

    Do 4 D US

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well, the baby can be comparitively smaller but not necessarily dwarf..

    But for confirmation Amniocentesis can be done..

    Baby measuring less than 18 inches at birth is generally considered to be having some skeletal dysplasia..

    So you need to discuss with your Gynaecologist who can check for factors like head size, amniotic fluid around baby along with limb size and can also discuss about Amniocentesis to proceed further .

    Hope this helps..

  5. This could intrauterine growth retardation which has many causes from malnutrition to genetic defect,if other organs are fine you should make sure of your gestational date as it may be inaccurate,
    Depending on the cause, one of the following treatment options may be useful:
    Increasing Your Nutrient Intake
    This ensures that your fetus is getting adequate food. If you haven’t been eating enough, your baby may not have enough nutrients to grow.
    Bed Rest
    Feel better soon

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