My 5 month old baby doesn’t reach his development milestones?

My 5 month old baby doesn’t reach His milestones, he seem to have pour eye contact, he haș social smile and laughs but occasionally. I am suspecting him of autism or mental retardation. My question may surprise you: Could he be mentally retarded although he shows signs of intelligence like when I ask him where are the butterflies in His room he turns to look at them? And he does that since he was 4 months old and with some other objects too.

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  1. Autistic children are more intelligent than other children somehow and may not be mentally retarded.
    Start physical therapy as soon as possible to catch the missed milestones.

  2. In my opinion it is too early to suggest autism , he has just 1 sign out of 4 that can suggest autism
    I recommend you see a pediatric doctor before jumping to conclusions

    Good Luck

  3. Do your child a formal ophalmological assessement, ma’am ASAP…

    This is number one cause of the delay in fine motor milestones

    Waiting for the results

  4. hi
    you cannot label a 5 month old kid as having autism or mentally retarded.
    wait till he attains 1 year of age.
    he may have delayed milestones and happens in a few normal kids as well.

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