My 18 year old son has excess abnormal fat around chest area, please advise?

My son 18 year old ,weight 71.3kg ,height 163cm,having excess fat around chest area,due to which he feels discomfort and lack of confidence.His recent pathological reports are as here under
Homocysteine- 42.4 umol/L
Vitamin D – 13.01ng/ml
Prolactin – 23.37 ng/ml
Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) – 104.6 fL
Mean Corp. Hemo.Conc(MCHC )- 28.5 g/dL
Red Cell Distribution Width- SD(RDW-SD) – 58.2 fL
Red Cell Distribution Width(RDW – CV) – 15.9 %
Growth Hormone – <0.05 Rest of his test regarding Hormone (FSH,LH,Testosterone etc) , thyroid, diabetes,lever,kidney,Hb,VitaminB12 etc are ok and in normal range. Doctor please let me know what complication he is having as per reports. He is also suffering with skin psoriasis problem. Kindly help..


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  1. Hi , in my opinion your son could be suffering a type of stress that is causing hyperprolactinemia , which increases the fat deposition on the chest area , also it seems he has low vitamin B6 and vitamin E those can be taken as supplements to help dopamine release and reduce prolactin production,if he is eating much sugar or drinking caffeinated beverages it is recommended to reduce that, as they add to the Triglycerides and cholestrol levels in blood..
    Has he any eating disorder?
    does he make and overstraining exercises?

  2. Hi.
    Your son has very high homocysteine levels and low vitamin D levels.
    High homocysteine levels could indicate early development of heart disease, vitamin b complex deficiencies, and some renal disorders also.
    Prolactin levels are also high..
    HDL levels are low that can increase a risk of heart disease.
    The total cholesterol and HDL ratio is also high..
    He needs further investigations and treatment as such disturbed characteristics can have a negative impact of various organs of the body..

    So consult a Medicine specialist and get him examined..

    As the remaining investigations are normal therefore do not worry as early treatment can help in avoiding complications..

    Hope this helps..


  3. Hi..
    Along with medical management, fat around chest can be reduced with regular exercise.
    Weight training exercises along with diet management can help in improving the appearance and reducing fat..
    Also it will help in reducing cholesterol levels..
    Thus overall health will also improve..


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