Question: Mole on neck is burning….is it serious?

I have this mole on my neck that’s been there for a long time, it has a hair that grows out of it that I occasionally trim but recently I noticed a burning sensation in the area of the mole, it’s between the front and side of my neck, I was just wondering if the sensation could be something serious from the mole or just irritation from rubbing against my shirt or my chin cause I sit or lay down frequently with my chin applying pressure and occasionally rubbing against my neck
mole on neck

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  1. hi..
    it doesnt seem to be serious. it may be a hair root/ mole infection or an allergic reaction to frequent rubbing. apply local creams, take anti histamine tablets. maintain good local hygiene. prevent it from getting frictioned.
    if it doesnt resolve, consult a dermatologist

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