I am suffering from lower back pain and loss of blood.

I am suffering with a LOT of lower back pain spreading across where my kidneys are also sciatica pain in right leg, pain spasms in spine feels like a pinched nerve, also when I go to the toilet to open bowels I am bleeding around 2 cups of blood at least. There is no pain from the bleeding no rectal pain like from piles, just lots of fresh blood.
I am diabetic, taking 2000mg Metformin, 320mg Glicazide, Lisinopril 5mg, Asprin 75mg, Atorvistatin 20mg, Fenofibrate 200mg, Omeprazole 20mg, Sertraline 150mg, Gabapentin 1200mg. Per day.
what can i do about the pain?


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  1. Pain can be treated using analgesic drugs. Get an x-ray. Blood quantity often appears larger than it actually is. But a loss of 2 cups a day needs attention. Get your gastrointestinal tract checked.

  2. find out the reason for such blood loss. consult a doctor

  3. hi..the pain you mentioned about is due to either muscle spasm or a compressed nerve due to lumbar disc prolapse.
    you can apply local gel ,take analgesics’
    get an xray/mri done