Lately I have a very funny feeling in my chest almost like a soft shock?

I have a question. Lately I have a very funny feeling in my chest almost like a soft shock. It feels as if I walk to hard (as if I jumped). Even when I sit down to hard, I will get the strange feeling. I did have a disck fusion about 6 years ago between the T2 and T3. I do have an ulcer and take medication for it.

It started about a few weeks ago with a strange pain in my left arm. Deep inside my arm, not the bone the flesh. I took Arcoxia for 7 days, it did help a little bit, but for the last week I get this strange feeling as well. It sound so stupid but I now walk slowly, sit down slowly to avoid getting the feeling. It’s not sore. I’m always to scared that its something with my heart – dont have heart problems as far as I know. I’m 51 years old (female). My tyriod were removed 26 years ago. Do take euthyrox 0.1mg. I did loose a lot of weight unintentially the last 2 years, but I am at a reasonable weight for my height. Last time I tested my thyriod it was very unactive, although I am skinny.

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  1. hi,
    this may happen due to a spinal nerve compression causing radiating tingling / numbness across and into the chest.
    Get a MRI of the spine done to rule out this.
    consult a neurologist.
    An ECG / 2-D echo will rule out any heart related cause.

  2. Hi
    Many possibilities here like aortic aneurysm or C7/T1 problem I recommend aortic artery angiography, ecg, and cervical thorathic MRI
    Good Luck

  3. Definitely it is not cardiac source,and mostly from your thoracic vertebral fusion that needs a new xray to assess its current situation ,that could be compressed nerve in your thoracic area..physiotherapy can help you through pain relief modalities ,anti inflammatory and tens.

  4. Mostly due to the spinal fusion, have u tried the tens unit before???

    Also adjust your thyroid state, this is v v imp..

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