Lab results show high total iron and % saturation, please advise?

I had lab work done to test for iron, and it showed high total iron and % saturation. Should I see a doctor for this, or donate some blood, or not worry about it? (I uploaded the lab results.) I don’t have any medical problems other than infrequent migraines.

Age: 50
Medications: amitriptyline 20mg/daily for migraines
General Information: no

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  1. Do you have any other symptoms? pain anywhere. feeling tired, lack of energy? is there a family history of iron problems or hemochromatosis?

  2. Dr. Ernesto, I do not have any symptoms that you named, and I do not know that anyone in my family has iron problems. I had complete blood work done 6 months ago, and everything was fine except hemoglobin and hematocrit were high. My doctor said not to worry about it. I decided on my own later to have the more in depth iron testing done, and the results are what I uploaded.

  3. Your ferritin levels are normal but it’s best to work with your doctor to evaluate your iron problem and establish the right iron reduction therapy for you – diet, phlebotomy, donating blood, iron reduction drugs or combination thereof. Additional testing and follow up will also be required.

  4. Hi..
    You should get checked to rule out the exact cause of high iron levels.
    Yes blood donation can help but first of all consult a Haematologist to rule out the cause for the elevated values.
    Treatment of the cause can help..


  5. hi,
    You need to consult a haematologist.Blood donation will help.
    Are you taking any Iron supplements?
    Get back with more information.
    Best wishes

  6. Dr. Sharma, no I am not taking any iron supplements. I remember a blood test I got in my 20’s where the doctor was impressed with the high amount of iron in my blood, so I never picked supplements with additional iron after that. Maybe it has become more recognized now that high iron is not always good. I seem to be healthy otherwise. I am 5’4″ and 110 lbs so am on the very thin side which might affect my saturation %.

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