Just had 3 root canals at the dentist, now I have lots of pain?


Just had a (3 roots) root canal treatment at the dentist there was/is an inflammation. Now i have lots of pain. Worse than before the Root canal treatment.

My dentist say’s antibiotics dont help for the inflemmation. Is She correct? Or Should I go to an other dentist for the antibiotics?

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  1. Hi
    Antibiotics does not help with inflammation unless there is an infection
    Stay on NSAIDs for now , this is common pain if you remove 3 roots in one session , should have been done one by one
    Good Luck

  2. Hi,
    root canal causes inflammation due to the process involved in doing a root canal treatment.
    Antibiotics take care of underlying infection.
    For pain and inflammation,you need to take anti inflammatory analgesic drugs like paracetamol,ibuprofen etc.

  3. But it will be infected , bioprofenid will be great for now , cold compresses , avoid hot or cold drinks…

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well, 3 roots root canal treatment indicates that you have undergone root canal treatment of a molar tooth..
    Pain post root canal sitting can be due to either infection below the root tips of the tooth or if the root canals are not properly cleaned..
    Although inflammation is not resolved with antibiotics but it will help in reducing any residual infection..
    So being a Dental surgeon if I would be your treating dentist I would give you a course of antibiotics like Augmentin, anti inflammatory painkillers like Ibuprofen along with serratiopeptidases..
    You should also consult your dentist and ask to clean the root canals once again and fill the canals with calcium hydroxide as it helps in reducing infection and make canals painless..

    You can also upload a latest x ray f the tooth to me so that I can have a look and advise you accordingly..

    Hope this helps..

    Thanks and regards.
    Dr. Honey Arora.

  5. It is commonly occurring after that treatment, but you should take an antibiotic as a high possibility of infection ,while the inflammation can be treated only with antiinflammatory drugs..

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