I’ve started to get heart palpitations and food makes me nauseous?

My entire life I’ve gone without health issues and then suddenly this year it’s been like I’ve become a completely different person.
It started about 10 months ago/at the start of the year.
Food makes me sick and nauseous. The smell of it, being near it and even when eating – I’d say 90% of the time.
That has been my biggest issue but in the past 2-4 months I’ve started to get heart palpitations that last up to 10 yours straight and just random heart flutter.
I get enough sleep but my undereye circles are insane. Sometimes I’m abnormally pale but then suddenly my face starts burning up and it feels like it has a fever. (Only my face, my body does not feel feverish.)
Generally I regularly feel nauseous and sick, even without food causing it. Just randomly.

Note that I am not pregnant or anything of the sorts.

Age: 20
Medications: Nothing

3 Comments on “I’ve started to get heart palpitations and food makes me nauseous?

  1. Hi,

    In my opinion you could be having anxiety disorder , no other signs refers to a pathology.
    it is common in your age to get such problems like anxiety and stress..
    Do you practice any type of sports?
    do you have stomach ache or abdominal pain?

  2. Hi
    My opinion this is sever stress, I recommend seeing a psychiatrist
    Only other cause is that you have thyroid nodules causing hyperthyroidism
    Good Luck

  3. Hi..
    Are you going through any personal or professional stress?

    Please revert back..

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