I’ve recently had an hysterectomy do test results show I have cancer?

hi. i am 49 years old and i’ve recently had an hysterectomy. i’ve always had heavy periods, but in the last two years it got really heavy and before my hysterectomy i was bleeding for 50 days. after removing my cervix they took samples from it and analyzed it.I’ve attached the results. one is the pop smear test and the other the sample from my cervix. I’ve searched it online and apparently CIN3 refers to “pre-cancer” cells. now my questions are: do i have cancer? even after removing my cervix? how likely is it for me to be diagnosed with cancer? what are the chances that there are still abnormal cells in my body? regarding that i have removed my cervix. is there a chance that these abnormal cells had spread from my cervix to other organs and have the potential to cause cancer? please be honest with me. what should i do?!
thank you

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  1. Hi
    Chances of developing cancer after you hysterectomy is like 30% chance which is relatively high, I give such high chance due to the adenomyosis
    I recommend regular check up
    You did not have cancer when you did the hysterectomy but it was the right choice
    Good Luck

  2. In my opinion , it is not a very low possibility to develop malignant cells ,while now they are abnormal cells but still benign, the recommendation is to regular follow up and checking by taking samples from the cells for being tested.
    However I recommend removing of CIN 3 ASAP ..

  3. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    It is looking like HPV involvement that is a viral infection..
    CIN3 are abnormal cells that are commonly caused by certain strains of Human Papilloma Virus.
    Get it treated as if not treated then can convert into cancer..
    So a proper screening and treatment is required in your case..

    Hope this helps..

  4. It’s a precNcerous which means it’s not a cancer cells , but it’s having the potential to be….
    Removing the uterus and cervix is a good option , however you need to consult a gynecologist and oncologist for testing if there is any cancer cells anywhere,
    Is there any positive family history for this??
    U need to be investigated thoroughly

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