I’ve had 2 knee operations, knee feels like loose?

Ive had 2 knee operations, 1 was for my ligaments that tore when i was 12 ( i am not 34) and the 2nd one was about 2.5yrs ago. Ive had problems with my knee since then, the muscles around the knee is very weak and i am not able to gym 100%. Been doing exercises and swimming, so taking it easy. last knight i tried doing walking lunges and my knee made a funny sound. if i walk now it make like clicking noise and if i put my hand on my knee and bend it, it feels like things are loose inside. i know it sounds weird. my knee is a little swollen today and sore. can still walk its just sore. should i be worried?

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  1. You have either of those possibilities ,
    1-chondromalacia patellae
    Which is early arthritis of the patellofemoral joint.which can be felt as continuous crepititions with flexion or extension.
    2-meniscial injury: if the clicking is one click in the range of motion from flexion to extension or vise versa ..
    Get a normal xray done and MRI of knee if the case is the second one.
    Physiotherapy is going to help you regain your strength and stability..

  2. Hi
    This probably nothing serious, it is like bone chill with possibility of becoming meniscal tear , I recommend anti inflammatory + keeping your knee warm and avoid exposure to air current or cold, should improve within 3 days
    Good Luck

  3. hi,
    this is IDK (internal derangement of knee).
    may be due to many reasons.
    get a mri of knee done to rule out ligament injuries.
    knee exrcises-Quads/hams will help.

  4. Knee US should be done on your knees, u WILL also need to do MRI untill then Don t do extra exercise…
    Try to rest , use pain killers , cold ice and anti inflammatory medications

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