I’ve got bulimia and I’m on lamictal for bipolar disorder, I now have mushroom looking lumps on my tongue?

I’m a 20 year old female. I’ve got bulimia and I’m on lamictal for bipolar disorder. Three days ago I felt like i had a hair stuck at the back of my throat and it was like I couldn’t get rid of it, then I noticed right at the back of my tongue I have about 6/7 (I can’t see exactly how many as I have to poke my tongue right out) little mushroom looking lumps. They’re not sore or painful just irritating. My bulimia is really bad at the moment and i’ve been sick a lot so I’m wondering if it’s connected?


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  1. Hi and welcome to question doctors .com
    These lumps can be caused by many disorders ..sore throat associated with bulemia is one of them..vitamin b deficiencies and other benign causes..
    Apply some sea salt solution or an antiseptic solution to the bumps using a clean cotton ball.
    Take antihistamine drugs that minimizes on trauma and tension.
    Apply some ice to prevent inflammation and take some pain killers.
    Use medicated mouth wash at least twice or thrice a day in cleaning your mouth.
    Apply milk of magnesia using a clean cotton ball to the bumps for twice a day.
    Reduce on consumption of tobacco and well as minimizing on smoking. Tobacco is one of the major causes of bumps on tongue and mouth.
    Drink sufficient amount of water. Water not only keeps human body hydrated but also helps in washing out toxins.
    Spicy and fatty foods can contribute to irritation of the mouth and attraction of bacteria. Minimize or avoid consumption of such food material.
    Apply a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide on the white spots on tongue for at least three times a day using a clean cotton ball.
    Frequently visit a dentist to examine your mouth and recommend treatment for any spots on tongue.

  2. Repeated sore throat can lead to such lumps on your tongue and they usually go on their own.
    Keep on your drugs and maintain healthy eating life style.
    Relaxation and yoga is beneficial .

  3. Hi hon, from what I understand, Lamictil in and of itself is not known for causing viral infections. However, some persons have experienced mouth sores when first taking Lamictil, finding that they usually clear up w/in three weeks. But if you experience other obvious skin rashed or irritations, speak to your prescribing physician right away. On another note, in severe cases of bulimia w/excessive purging, the salivary glands on the back of your tongue can become enlarged, even causing the sides of the face and under the ears to look puffy. The palate, throat and back of the tongue can appear traumatized from the use of fingers or other objects to induce gagging. The acidity of the stomach contents can damage and cause ulcerations of the soft tissues (such as those of your tongue). Aggressive oral cleaning w/a toothbrush immediately after vomiting will increase the loss of tooth enamel. Its best to rinse with baking soda and water to neutralize the acid in the mouth and then allow the saliva to do its work. A sodium fluoride mouth rinse may help with the mouth problem as well. Blessings to you sweetheart. You are special and you are loved. I hope this helps you. Wish I could do more.

  4. hi
    these are signs of vitamin deficiency. it does not seem to be related to bulimia. take multivitamin tablets and betadine mouth water gargles.

  5. Yes it could be side effect oc lamicyal but not alone
    Drinking and smoking can cause this leukoplakia
    Whick is serious u should see your doctor immediately

  6. Hello docter i have tongue disease like on the pcture and nail disorder what shal i do please

  7. For the last few days I have been very aggervated at every little thing. My head has been hurting also. About a year ago I had a stroke. Just wondering what’s going on with me

  8. What causes bulimia on tongue and it will go away by itself or I will have to attend a doctor ?

  9. That’s oral thrush. You need an anti-fungal.

  10. I have also same problem it’s my first time I see same as on picture before that I have always tonsillitis problem what can I do how can I manage doctor thank you

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