I’ve been taking xanax for 5 years?

I’ve been taking xanax for 5 years and it’s been 2mg and then 1mg my last script I picked up when I took the tablet nothing happened it just didn’t work as if I had taken air. I’ve read this happens but this drug has given me my life back and I need to know what to do to or is this the end of my great meds. It’s happened once before but just a few days and then normal. I need serious answers and help.

Age: 49
Medications: 1&2 mg xanax

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  1. That’s a pretty long time to be on Xanax for – over time it may be you have developed a tolerance to it. If Xanax continues to be ineffective, I would recommend you speak with your Doctor and switch to another medication like Klonopin – both are benzodiazepines but they act slightly different on increasing the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which in fact is how this helps you.

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