I’ve been ill for two years, Lyme disease, neck weakness and arm shaking, is my condition treatable?

Hello, I’ve been ill for two years. It started with facial paralysis, a bad earache, parotitis and meningitis. Then later I was crossing the street wearing a heavy backpack and felt something weird in my neck and left hip. I had a painful neck and painful sacral area so severe that I went to the Er twice to make sure nothing was broken. Heavy sweating, tremors and spasms started along with blurred and double vision.

Turns out I have Lyme disease. Treating it has been really scary because the symptoms have not yet gone away, so I’ve been trying to figure out other answers while I continue to treat Lyme.

The symptom I am most concerned about is neck weakness and arm shaking. My head moves around on its own and when I bend my head I get either Lhermitte’s sign or my spine will twitch out of place. I also have tremor after movement, like an aftershock. I get this in small areas, like my forearm, or large areas; like when I move my leg my head will bounce around. For some part of every day I have tremors in most of my body including my trunk and legs. My neck gets very tired and my jaws also get tired if I talk, so I can’t do either for very long, maybe ten minutes or so. I have severe vertigo because of the head titubations and my face pulls to one side.

I’ve had numerous consults with neurologists who do neuro exams and pronounce that I’m fine and state that they can’t explain the other symptoms. One suggested I have a vestibular disorder.

My question is, is it possible that on top of the Lyme my symptoms could be caused by damage to my cervical or lumbar spine? Could my spine have twisted to give me tremor, vertigo, titubation etc? Or is it all caused by the Lyme? I’ve had MRIs of brain, cervical and lumbar regions and have disc bulges and herniations at every level. I did consult with a neurosurgeon who stated that the herniations were not a problem, but serious muscle twitches and radiculopathy started right after the event with my neck. I’m concerned that my condition is permanent or untreatable.

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  1. It seems you are having the complications of late or untreated Lyme disease.
    Neurological conditions associated with late Lyme disease are treated with intravenous antibiotics, usually ceftriaxone or cefotaxime, given daily for two to four weeks.
    These symptoms usually resolve gradually over time. Taking more antibiotics does not improve symptoms or shorten the course of post-Lyme symptoms.
    Hope this helps you..

  2. In my opinion first make sure you do not have multiple sclerosis

    You need to know that nervous system damage is permanent (dead cells do not regenerate)

    However only possible treatment i see is physical therapy , in the first 6 month -2years max , physical therapy can help other cells to perform the job of the dead ones

    Good Luck

  3. hi
    these are post-lymes disease neurological complications.
    nerve cell damage is usually irreversible and does not respond to variety of treatments.
    neurotransmitter tablets and physiotherapy are the mainstay of treatment.
    yoga and meditation will help.

  4. HI

  5. hello there
    lymes disease is known to leave such neurological complications and these are almost always permanent neuronal damages.
    nerve conductions and electromyography can be done to assess the extent of damage.

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