I’ve been having cramps, can I be pregnant?

Hello, I was wondering if a virgin (never been touched or broke the hymen) can get pregnant because I fooled around with my fiance and he ejaculated of my vagina but even though an intercourse never happened I’m just scared that I might get pregnant because I’ve been having cramps and my period is in 8 days so my question is can a virgin get pregnant? Thank you

Age: 25 female
Medications: None


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2 Comments on “I’ve been having cramps, can I be pregnant?

  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well chances of getting pregnant without proper intercourse is very negligible..
    So in your case also there are almost negligible chances of pregnancy..
    Just wait for your periods..


  2. Cramps can be due to other causes and not necessarily pregnancy..
    In case if symptoms does not resolve then you can consult a Physician and get evaluated..


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