I’ve been diagnosed with trichomoniasis?

I’ve been diagnosed with trichomoniasis. I’ve only had one partner since I tested negative for STDs after divorce 4 years ago. My partner claims he has only been intimate with me and his ex-wife in the past 20 years, It is highly unlikely that his ex cheated. Is it possible that he and/or his ex had it for 20+ years without knowing it?

Age: 63
Medications: none

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  1. Hello. Yes it is possible to have Trichomoniasis and not be aware of it. This STD is caused by a parasite which in a large majority of cases produces no symptoms whatsoever and when it does symptoms may at times be severe or may also be so mild that it is thought to be just a minor irritation and nothing important. Regards.

  2. Hi.
    Yes, Trichomoniasis can be present without symptoms in a large majority of infected individuals.

    Also Trichomoniasis can spread via damp cloths and towels.
    Or infected sex toys..

    As you are now diagnosed better get treated and try avoiding sexual contact to avoid spread of infection..


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