Is this an ingrown hair or something more serious?

For the previous 2 days I’ve had a small pimple on my scrotum. It doesn’t hurt, leak fluid, or itch. I’ve had a past of ingrown hairs and I only wanted to confirm or a doctor to confirm this was another ingrown hair and nothing more serious. I’d appreciate any type of feedback.

Age: 39
Medications: None
General Information: No — Well previously, but this one is new.

2 Comments on “Is this an ingrown hair or something more serious?

  1. An ingrown hair and herpes can look quite similar. An ingrown hair will disappear. Herpes will return. But in my opinion it looks more like an ingrown hair than herpes. Especially since you seem to have a history of ingrown hairs. Get a blood test to make sure.

  2. Hi…
    Thanks for the query..

    It looks like an ingrown hair only..
    In case if such bumps recur then you need to get tested for herpes..


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