Is there a treatment for hyperglycemia?

24, Female, is there a treatment for hyperglycemia. I’ve seen two different doctors they tell me i have it but nothing about treatment besides change my diet and send me out the door. is there a way to treat this issue? i have done research that says it is borderline appetites.

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  1. Hi and welcome to question
    In case of hyperglycemia only diet and exercises are enough to control it….losing extra weight itself is a treatment as when your body loses fats decreases the resistance to insulin so hyperglycemia fades away.
    Eat 5daily meals and brisk walk daily 45minutes..

  2. No treatment other than diet and exercises.
    Weight reduction .
    Relaxation technique if you are nervous.
    Chromium supplement is proved to help.

  3. Have u considered the possibility that you are under alot of stress which is causing your condition
    Try stress relief and consult a psychiatric doctor

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