Is it the same virus that causes sores inside and outside the mouth?

when it comes to mouth cold sores, is it the same virus that causes sores inside the mouth (cheeks gums tongue etc) as the one that causes on the outside of the mouth (lips edge)? Why do some people present with exterior sores vs interior sores, and if you already experience interior sores but not exterior, are you likely to experience exterior lip sores if you are in contact/saliva exchange with someone who is symptomatic with exterior lip sores?


Age: 35
Medications: N/A
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  1. Well the two are different. Usually sores that appear inside the mouth or interior of the lips or tongue are in fact canker sores. These are not contagious and can be caused by many factors ranging from viruses to food allergies to dental problems, irritation etc.. Sores that usually appear on the exterior part of the lips are called cold sores and are due to infection called herpes simplex virus – HSV-1. These are contagious through saliva exchange and contact – like lip to lip. Sometimes a cold sore may begin with an irritation feeling on the interior part of the lips or mouth but sores will appear on the exterior part. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi..
    Cold sores are due to viral Infection.
    But the sores in mouth if they continue to recur but does not occur outside the mouth can be most probably Recurring apthous stomatitis or recurring canker sores.
    So first of all get it checked for the cause of recurring sores inside mouth..
    If it is not viral then no need to worry..

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks–

    If you have HSV1 antibodies from earlier-in-life infection but are asymptomatic, can you become symptomatic through kissing someone who is symptomatic, like a “2nd infection” of sorts?

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