Is it possible to fracture a rib from vomiting?

2 nights ago, i started vomiting violently. Is it possible to fracture a rib from vomiting? I have some pain in frontal rib cage on my right side, but in the same place on my back rib cage it is excruciating. Cant cough, or move much. Left side is fine.

Otherwise, i am a healthy 49 yo with reflux.

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  1. Hi
    Yes you can fracture a rib during vomiting and coughing, it also could be sever muscle sprain with costochondritis in the back
    Do an x ray to be safe
    Good Luck

  2. Rib fracture need a great blunt force to get broken. nevertheless, vomiting and severe cough can cause intercostally muscle strain which is very painful specially with breathing ..
    So I recommend rest and a use in anti rheumatic cream as well as deep friction massage.and hot packs

  3. No,it is highly impossible to fracture a rib by vomitting.
    At the most,it can cause a strain of the intercostal muscles or a intercostal neuritis.
    take anti inflammatory tablets with application of local gel followed by hot fomentation.

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well, chances of rib fracture are less but in a rare case it can be a possibility..
    However rib bruises can also be the cause..
    So to be on a safer side get an x ray done for confirmation..
    For now take painkillers for pain relief..

    Hope this helps..

  5. It’s v v rare to happen , our main concern now should be , the cause of the vomiting and how to manage
    And to check if u r dehydrated or not

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