Is it normal for pain remains even after 9 days of vertebroplasty procedure?

– My father is 73 years old.
– Injured his back in the car on 25/2/18. Suffering severe back pain since then
– Did MRI scan on 12/3/18 discovered fracture at T10.
– Pain Management specialist suggested for nerve root block and faucet joint injection to relieve pain but no sign of pain relief
– 2nd opinion from Orthopedic told vertebroplasty is the most ideal treatment for him. Underwent vertebroplasty procedure on 28/3/18.
– After a week of vertebroplasty procedure, very little sign of pain relief.
* Is it normal for pain remains even after 9 days of vertebroplasty procedure ? As we learned from the internet this is a very effective procedure as most patient reported pain was gone within 48 – 72 hours
* With his condition and treatment, how long would he need for pain to subside ?
* Any other treatment required to eliminate pain ?

Age: 73
Medications: Not taking any pain killers at the moment

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  1. Hello. The purpose of a Vertebroplasty Procedure is to stabilize the spine. And it does this almost immediately. The idea is that the pain is due to spine instability, so once the spine is stabilized the pain will disappear. In the case of your father, it seems the pain was not due to spine instability. Otherwise the pain would have been gone – like you say within a couple of days afterwards. The first procedure may have been the correct approach. Facet Joint Injections and Medial Branch Blocks treats the pain by treating the nerves. Perhaps the joint being targeted was not causing the pain. Or maybe another set of injections may be required. You should discuss this with the Doctor who did the injections. Regards.

  2. Hello Dr. Deepak, the injection he had was to block the nerve from L5 to T10. The Dr also did a faucet join injection on T10 before the vertebroplasty procedure. But no sign of pain relief only then he had the vertebroplasty. Based on your experience, what could be the caused of pain ? His pain site is always at the back no pain in his leg or so.

    What other treatment ?

  3. Hello. Spinal pain can sometimes be complicated to treat. Try speaking to your Physiatrist regarding extending injections. You can also consult a Chiropractor who can often help in these types of cases. Regards

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