Intestinal virus seems to act up again, I was sick again, please advise?

I was on here Yesterday about a stomach intestinal virus i have had since Monday! I went to my Doctor & she said that it was probably an intestinal virus that had to “run it’s course”. that was wed. I was ok. thursday & Friday. Friday I had chicken rice soup;a buttered roll;Mashed potatoes. i slept thru the night & then Saturday Morning i was sick again!1 sat. I just had Chicken Broth & Ginger Ale. This morning i was sick again. I am VERY WORRIED NOW!! DO YOU THINK THAT THIS IS REALLY SERIOUS? Should I get some blood tests?

Age: 74
Medications: Mycardis
General Information: Not Really.

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  1. Hi
    Gastrointestinal infections can be caused by viruses,bacteria and parasites.It is possible that your infection was not cleared completely. Do not worry.Take up stool culture sensitivity to know the pathogen causing the infection and its antibiotic susceptibility. Take liquids more and Oral Rehydration solution to keep yourself hydrated.Continue taking light diet.Include yoghurt in diet.Take care!

  2. Hi
    My opinion you should get a stool culture
    To understand what is happening, accordingly we can decide if you need an antibiotic or a colonoscopy
    Good Luck

  3. Do you think that I have COLON CANCER? OH MY GOD!!

  4. Hi..
    Looks like lingering Infection..
    You should get a stool culture done for confirmation..


  5. There are no signs of colon cancer

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