I’m worried since then I might have contracted hiv or other stds?

Hi docter I was in Thailand I’m just back home 10 days ago i had a oil massage and silly me it ended in masturbation and ejaculation I’m worried since then I might have contracted hiv or other stds from this exposure I’m very worried about do I need to take a hiv test as I’m in a relationship with my fiancee and I wouldn’t want to give her anything and even I’m thinking if the customer before if he had something and she had it on her hands then she massage me etc could she give me something thanks

Age: 39
Medications: None
General Information: No symptoms just stress from exposure

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  1. Based on your description you had limited contact so I wouldn’t worry about it – this kind of transmission is very very rare. In order for this to happen you would need a number of things to happen all at the same time – for example – if the immediate previous client had let’s say an important open syphilis sore which was in direct and prolonged contact with a large open bleeding cut on her hand at exactly the same spot and the dripping blood containing the syphilis on her hand would have been immediately transferred to you and this without washing or time elapse etc. This kind of thing is unusual – but If you are still worried, you can can always tested.

  2. Hi docter is there any risk from hiv from this exposure or is sphillis the the std that could be the problem would you recommend I take a hiv test from the masturbation and ejaculation exposure.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about either one. As far as testing, I don’t think it is necessary but again if it puts your mind at ease you can do it.

  4. Hi.
    Very slim to no chances of exposure if you did not come in contact with her genital secretions and also if you did not have any contact of your blood with her hand.
    If previous customer had any infection then also chances of exposure are slim.
    Testing once is a choice or a confirmation however you should always be cautious and use protection to prevent STD exposures.


  5. Hi docter im booked in for hiv test next week I hope all will be ok I’m worried but hoping for a clear result

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