I’m trying to get over mulluscum, tested for STDs all clear?

I’m trying to get over mulluscum and I had a bump on my scrotum. My doc prescribed aldara and after two days my skin there turned red but the bump subsided.Is this how mulluscum looks when it’s fading? I tested for STDs two weeks ago and it was all clear.

Age: 36
Medications: Aldara

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  1. Hi..
    Molluscum contagiosum can appear as pink or skin coloured bumps..
    Can you please tell that do you have similar bumps anywhere else in body also?
    Did you get tested to confirm Molluscum?

    Please revert back..


  2. Hi there.Where else do you have Molluscum on your body?They appear as skin coloured or light pink coloured growths.Usually it takes at least a month or more for Molluscum to fade and disappear.A bump on scrotum can be simply hair follicle or aa sweat gland.Please avoid sexual contact till it resolve.Share more details about condition for me to explain you in a more detailed way.Hope this helps.Good day!

  3. Yes I have similar bumps

  4. Hi
    My opinion this is simply aldara side effects , there is no reason to worry about the redness
    Good Luck

  5. Hi,
    No worries it is normal and will subside after you finish the treatment.

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