I’m concerned about the results of my blood work, please advise?

I’m concerned about the results of my blood work. Could someone go over it with me, Please? I know each lab is different, so I’ll list (normal) then what mine is.

Means Corpuscular Hemoglobin
(28.0-33.3 pg) 26.1 LOW
Mean Corpuscular HGB Conc
(31.6-35.5 g/dL) 31.4 LOW
Platelet Count
(140-400 K/mcL) 488 HIGH
Alkaline Phosphate
(38-126 Units L) 136 HIGH
(2.4-3.5 g/dl) 3.6 HIGH
Anti-Microsomal Antibody
(0.0-9.0 IU/ml) 25.2 A

T3 Total
(.58-1.59 ng/mL) .98
T4 Free
(0.70-1.48) 1.05

*each level is consistently getting lower if it was LOW and higher if it was HIGH

I do have an appointment, but again got a call my appointment has been pushed out. I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks now. Thank you

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  1. Hi,
    These result needs to be correlated with clinical findings and history, age and sex,,,
    however they may indicate many possibilities like autoimmune hemolytic anemia , liver problem or bone disease (GGT test is needed), your AMA is high which means you may be suspectible to thyroid problems in the future although your thyroid levels are still normal.
    Please let me know your age? sex? are you pregnant?
    Clinical complains and history so we can get closer to the problem

  2. Hi..
    There is a probability of Hemolytic anaemia.
    Other cause can be hepatic disorders..
    So first of all please write down your symptoms which made you go to the doctor and also any history of any medical problems or medication?
    Please specify your age, sex ?


  3. Hi
    Your results can be either liver problem or simply Anemia , so I recommend doing liver enzymes tests and iron level test
    Good Luck

  4. I’m female, 49. I have chronic back pain for an injury 13+ yrs ago. I had a spinal fusion at L4-L5 back in March. I sweat a lot, I can’t stand the heat. My mom and husband want to turn the heat on, I want to put the air on. I have a headache everyday all day. I don’t really take anything for it as it just lingers mildly, but it can and does turn into a migraine. I do not have high blood pressure. My arms and legs will feel very weak and heavy, Sometimes my trunk, and I will have to sit or it feels like my legs will go out from under me. I have a constant rash on my chest. Looks like I was wearing a scoop neck T-shirt and got a mild to moderate sunburn. I have Raynaud’s, sometimes my hands will turn beet red for no reason. If I’m active I turn red all over and sweat a lot. Just dusting the living room will do that. I am very over weight, (235, 5’4″) just can’t seem to get it off. I’ll lose 10 pounds, but can’t get past that. I have insomnia and anxiety. I take meds for the insomnia. Thank you…

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