I’m 39 weeks pregnant and have just discovered I have thread worm, I can’t take any medication as not recommended?

Hello I’m 39 weeks pregnant and have just discovered I have thread worm, I can’t take any medication as not recommended I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned but I am going out of my mind, will this effect the birth I feel like I won’t be able to hold my baby because I’m terrified I have eggs constantly on my hands therefore not bonding as I should. I should be looking forward to it all it’s my last weeks but to be honest I’ve just totally forgot about it the cleaning and worry has taken over my life. Is there anything for the itch or any natural remodies that can be taken that are safe, I suffer from constipation I did before getting pregnant so hardly going to the toilet so surely they aren’t being expelled as they should is it advised to take laxatives so I know that they are coming out. I am going out my mind my I’m terrified the eggs are everywhere because I don’t know how long I have had them only started getting symptoms last Thursday. The doctors don’t really seem bothered just get on with it doing the hygiene but it’s easy to say that when they aren’t up all night cos of the wriggling the horrible thought of it all. Just help please any feedback would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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  1. Metamucil , docusate are laxetives that can be used during your pregnany (safe)
    All medications for thread worms are not 100 % safe for your baby
    So sorry to repeat what you already know but if you successfully get ride of all eggs for 6 weeks
    You will be fine
    If you really can not take it any more , you can ask your doctor to give u 1 shot of the medication which have 25% chance of affecting your baby and 90 % success rate

    Really sorry
    Good Luck

  2. To ensure that you do not swallow any new eggs, kindly apply the following strictly for at least six weeks:

    • Wash all soft toys, clothes, bed linen and night clothes in one go.
    • Regularly vacuum and damp-dust your home, particularly the bedrooms.
    • Regularly clean the kitchen and bathroom thoroughly.
    • Don’t eat in the bedrooms.
    • Keep fingernails short and avoid putting your fingers in your mouth.
    • Ensure everyone washes their hands frequently and scrubs under fingernails, particularly before eating, after going to the toilet, and after changing nappies.
    • Wear close-fitting underwear at night and change your underwear every morning.
    • Bathe or shower each morning and do not share wash cloths or towels.
    • Rinse toothbrushes well before and after use, then keep it in a closed cupboard.

    Drink a glass of fresh carrot juice daily, is an effective remedy for worms during pregnancy.
    Shew quarter of a garlic clove is also helping get rid of warms.

    To prevent constipation:

    • Avoid food and drinks containing a lot of sugar.
    • Eat high-fibre food, fruit and vegetables,
    • Avoid white bread & cake.
    • Drinking at least 3 liter of water and daily, fresh juices and milk will also help.

    Hope you get well soon.

  3. Please calm down there is no worry to gave them now as Threadworm infection during pregnancy is not known to put your unborn baby at any risk. You may be able to avoid taking medicines( as you are pregnant ) to treat threadworms by using strict hygiene measures to clear themselves. They already in the bowel die within approximately six weeks.
    Speedy recovery wishes

  4. Hi
    Do not panic at all.
    Threadworm infestations are not lifethreatening.
    At 39 weeks,the baby has attained almost its full maturity.
    Avoid taking any medicines and do maintain good hygiene and immunity.
    You will be fine. Don’t worry.

  5. HI

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