I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I’m in a lot of pain?

I’m 33 weeks pregnant, 27 yrs old, I have got tietze syndrome and currently suffering from siactia, SPG and Braxton Hicks. I’m in a lot of pain with my ribs this past week and was wondering if it would be best to have my baby earlier and by C-section.
I’m barely coping with the pain, I’m on crutches for my SGP but they are making my tietze syndrome worsen.
I’m trying to get as much bed rest as possible and taking 30mg of codine as needed but it’s starting to not work as well as it did.
Please help as I’m in pain 24/7 and just want this to be over.
Thank you

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  1. hi
    i understand the pain that you have been going through.
    but the decision of getting a C section at this stage depends on the baby’s growth and the placental maturity.
    amniotic index also needs to be considered.
    In my opinion,it would be too early for a C section now.
    Try taking anti spasmodic tablets along with tramadol,instead of codeine.
    Consult a gynecologist

  2. I am sorry that you are all of that pain ..I understand his is it painful to have all of these disorders at once and causing you this pains ..
    Then it is not much left for the normal delivery(if your gynaecologist saw it is possible to deliver normally).
    Then you should try using more natural remedies for your pains ..
    Warm packs on your back and symphysis pupils area..
    Use them also on your painful costal painful areas..
    You can get a portable TENS device and use it at home for your back and sciatic pains.
    Anti inflammatory and analgesic gels and creams can help also.
    With care and after your doctor’s permission sit in warm baths daily for 15minutes..
    I believe this will help you until your scheduled delivery ..
    Thanks and good luck .

  3. Hi
    I encourage a c section as soon as gynaecologist see fit , in the mean time try using a tight strechy band around your chest , it will reduce the costocondritis pain
    In my opinion you need an early c section

    Good Luck

  4. First of all,
    How did your doctor approved ypu codeine during pregnancy!!!!!

    This kinda inflammation sooner or later goes away with safe antiinflammatory or safe pain killers,

    Try to save your baby inside your uterus as much as you can, as much as you can bear, let me tell you that during pregancy a hormone called
    Relaxin makes ligaments softer and joints more flexible. Even if you could not withstand the pain .. make ir CS,, but with full term or near term baby

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