I am pregnant need to know if abortion tablets are safe?

Sir/Madam I am (…)21 years old from India . I had an unprotected sex with my gf on 19th day of her period( counting from first day of period), but I didn’t ejaculate in her vagina (…) and now her period is yet to come it’s three days delayed already. What should I do, she is also 21 years old , in case of any pregnancy are abortion tablets (like Mifepristone and misoprostol) safe for her future?


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4 Comments on “I am pregnant need to know if abortion tablets are safe?

  1. in india, laws are stringent and only a gynecologist can prescribe you the medicines

  2. Thanks for your question.

    Mifepristone and misoprostol should be taken only under doctor supervision. I don’t know if in India it requires a prescription but I believe it does. In any case, I highly recommend you see your doctor or obstetrician-gynecologist first at least to get an ultrasound done.

    Good luck.

  3. i advise you to get her ultrasound done first to confirm her pregnancy. there are also chances that she may not be pregnant and this may be due to simple hormonal changes that occur in a womans body at this age.
    only pregnancy test may sometimes give you false positive tests

  4. hi..
    you have had sex during her most fertile period, so chances of pregnancy are high.
    u can give abortion pills but after a gynecologist consultation for her