4 Comments on “If a grade three pectoral major rupture is left untreated is that classed as medical negligence?

  1. hi
    yes,its a significant retraction and accounts for medical negligence.
    But the reports at the time of the initial trauma should show 4cm retraction at the time of injury.
    If during trauma,there was no retraction and after 8 months you see a 4 cm retraction,then its very difficult to say and prove it to be a medical negligence.

  2. Yes this is sever medical negligence,
    Repair surgery should have been done immediately

  3. If you have seen a doctor and he did not treat it ,it may be considered so..and if it was left untreated It can cause separation in the tendon ..
    Surgical Interference is important.

  4. First of all yes.. about the tendon retraction.. as uts obvious that there is. Failure of ttt and even delay in proper intervention,

    I believe there is an obvious medical negligence…

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