Question: Identifying source of new cold virus

I am trying to identify the type of person that originates/initiates/breeds the new cold virus. Not those transmitted or how but the characteristics/demographics of the person the generates the new one that then gets transmitted. I have searched far and wide but this question is never ever addressed.

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3 Comments on “Question: Identifying source of new cold virus

  1. its difficult to find out the proper way. may be a physician can help you out in this matter

  2. An infectious disease researcher or expert is the right person to handle this question. But I would guess it is a question of genes. A person’s genotype being more susceptible to a new cold subtype than another.

  3. if a persons immunity lowers, there are more chances of him acquiring any infection. if the organism has a quality and strength to mutate itself ,then this condition is best for its mutation and start a new type of cold that may still be unknown untill its spread to other people or some research is done on it. nanotechnology can do wonders to solve this query

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