I woke up with a painful lump in my leg?

I woke up with a painful lump in my leg. I know I haven’t been drinking enough water and forgot my iron supplement for the last couple days. I just took it now along with some vitamin C and an ibuprofen and lots of water. I’m 29 and a healthy weight. I walk a lot, but that is pretty much my only exercise. Will this go away on its own or should I be concerned?

Age: 29
Medications: Wellbutrin, Methimazole, Iron supplement, the pill

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  1. Hello. A lump such as you described can be caused by a number of factors. Most lumps are benign cysts or caused by some form of trauma. Cysts may be painful or not. If lump continues to grow or remains painful after about a week or two you should consult. Further investigation may be needed to determine if it requires to be surgically removed, if other treatment is required or if it just requires to be drained to help remove the pain. In the meantime it is recommended to use OTC pain relief medication and apply cold compress several times a day and keep your leg elevated. It may disappear by itself. Keep us posted. Regards.

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for the query.

    A painful lump can be most probably due to either any insect bite or an abscess or can be a hair follicle infection..

    It can be a cyst but as it appeared suddenly chances of infection are more..

    So my suggestion is to consult an Emergency room and get checked.

    For now you can apply Triple antibiotic ointment over it and do cool compresses over it.

    You can also take Advil for reducing pain.

    Avoid scratching it as it can spread infection..

    Hope this helps..


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