I went for an X-Ray and found out I have a faecal overload?

Hey. I have been experiencing serve constipation for a few months now. I went for an X-Ray and found out I have a faecal overload. I just have really bad bloating and excessive gas that has a really bad odor. I have on and off acid reflux as well. Just recently I started experiencing some really bad cramping. It feels like hunger but I’m not hungry. Eating helps the pain for a bit but it doesn’t take it away. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…

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  1. You are suffering IBS and GERD ,
    You should start a healthy diet rich in fiber and water,avoid fatty foods ,caffeine and chocolate,start yoga and meditation,you can also get ganaton50mg ,before meals 3times daily for GERD.

  2. Hi
    You can try lactulose or miralax , also bran can help if you drink alot of water with it
    Good Luck

  3. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Faecal overload can be due to Faecal impaction due to long standing constipation.
    It causes hardening of the stools to the level that it cannot be passed out..

    All other symptoms are appearing due to it..

    It should be immediately taken into consideration and you should consult a Gastroenterologist and you can be given Enemas as well as if needed digital breakdown of the stool mass can be done so that it can be passed out..

    It will be followed by proper Treatment of constipation with the help of stool softeners, laxatives and fibres..

    Hope this information helps..


  4. hi,
    this may be due to low peristalsis.
    pre/probiotics may help you improve the motions.
    other causes of low peristalsis like IBS or mucosal polyps should be ruled out.
    Get an endoscopy / colonoscopy done.
    Take laxatives as an when required.

  5. Spastic colon is a highly suspected here,
    I need you to give me a brief about your diet along the day

    Stool analysis should be done

    Take high fiber diet, avoid eating coffee , spicy food, drink milk , yoghurt, take spasmodigestin after each meal , and let’s see for five days what will happen

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