I was prescribed the wrong dose of antibiotics?

I’m 33yrs old just went to dentist for tooth to get pulled they put me on antibiotics for an abscess they prescribed the wrong dose of 150mg I took loaded dose of 300mg/2 pills then continued with one (150mg) every 6hrs unfortunately then pain worsen so I was taking them every 4hours the next day the left side of my face was swollen pain radiating down my neck up my ear all the way to my temple I went to ER and they prescribed me 300mg of same med clindamycin. Still no pain relief and face is even more swollen traveling to chin and lip. My question is: should I take loaded dose of 600mg/2pills and then go down to 300mg/1pill every 6 hrs to attack the bacteria since I fact they gave me wrong dose so technically I never truly had the initial dosage of 600mg. Will this finally start the healing process or will this further strengthen the bacteria? Because at this point they are winning this battle. I’m in constant escrusciating pain that breaks me down to full on tears. I’m talking boo hooing snot drooling wining and crying like a 3yr old my daughter was scared she never saw me cry like a baby before. I’m scared certain post say I can die from the poison I just don’t know wat to do. Please help. I hope I gave u all info. Oh yea taking 2-60g motrins snd 2-100mgtramidol every 4hours and the pain never subsides intact I barely make it to the full 4th hour. There has got to be an explanation or pain management treatment plan for this please help I swear if I had a gun I probably pull the trigger

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  1. In my opinion it is not a matter of dose
    I recommend you go to your dentist for pus aspiration to relieve the pressure
    Then go for 1200 mg then 300 every 6 hours
    Take intramascular injection of cataflame to ease your pain

    Good Luck

  2. In my opinion you need to start a high dose broader spectrum antibiotic as augmentin 1000mg every 12 hours.
    The bacteria seems to be resisting low dose clindamycin ..
    Brufen Or catafast tab or effervescent ..every 4-6 hours ..

  3. hi
    the bacteria are resistent to clindamycin (this is not a regularly used medicine for oral infections).
    novaclox,augmentin etc are the drugs we generally use.
    taking wrong antibiotics can help the bacteria grow even more and may land you in trouble.
    Get the abscess drained,change the antibiotic.
    IV antibiotics are better than oral ones.

  4. HI

  5. hello there
    150 mg is a pretty low dose.
    this may have accelerated the infection process.
    at present ,surgical drainage of abscess with change of antibiotics is the best option

  6. Drainage is the key here

    Go at once go your dentist and make him drain the pus accumulated inside urgently before it became disseminated and you enter in septicemia

    Regarding the antibiotic , you can measure its levels in the blood,
    Do culture for the pus which gonna be drained and start with broad spectrum antibiotic and once culture results appear , change the antibiotic accordingly

    Best regards

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