I was diagnosed with gastritis I now have stomach inflammation?

I was diagnosed with gastritis this past April. I took omeprozole for 5 months then stopped. I started taking it again Monday. I have heavy pressure in my tummy area(upper abdominal) for the last week and a half. I’m thinking this is stomach inflammation? My GI is not available for 3 weeks. Do you have any suggestions for relief? I’m desperate. My diet has not been the greatest but I have been avoiding Soda and high fat foods. I do drink coffee in the morning. I can’t think of anything else I should tell you.

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  1. First of all coffee is a string acid irritant ..
    It must be avoided also.
    Increase fibers and water in diet..
    And stay on omeprazole for at least 8 weeks.
    Get a h.pylori antigen blood test done as it may be causing your recurrent gastritis .

  2. In my opinion you can use acid blocker like zantac , also look for the gastritis cause like long term use of anti inflammatory or h.pyloi , i recommend a stool test and an endoscopy

    Good Luck

  3. hi
    avoid bakery foods,spicy diet and coffee.
    high fibre diet with digestive juices will help digestion.
    probiotics with antacids will be helpful.
    a glass of warm milk in morning and night will soothen the gastric mucosa.
    get GI endoscopy done.

  4. Avoid drinking coffee, continue on omeprazole, do Carbon-13 urea breath test for h pylori infection in stomach, if existing you will need its triple therapy

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