I was diagnosed with crohn’s, when anemic I have staph infections?

I am a 42 yr, female. I was diagnosed with crohn’s almost 20 yrs ago. It causes me to be severely anemic and I require iron infusions periodically. When I start to get really anemic, I start getting staph infections in my nose and around my mouth. I have been dealing with it for along time BUT about 6 months ago when I got a staph infection, it took on a life of its own. It has exploded all over my face and will not go away. I have sores all over my face and lips that will not heal. They are extremely painful. I also have a sore on my neck and one on my leg that will not heal. About a week ago I thought I had a splinter on my thumb and when I examined it closure, I realized there were literally thousands of little shards in my fingers and they will not come out with tweezers. They are so painful I cannot touch anything or even brush them against anything. Out of desperation, I covered my fingers with superglue to provide a barrier to keep them from being jostled. Instantly the glue started extracting the shards out of my fingers. I was then able to remove the dried glue and the shards along with it. (Thank God). At the same time, the sore on my neck started hurting really bad and the scab had become dense and thick. When I touched the scab, it came off and I realized the sore was also full of shards of whatever they are. So I covered it with glue and thankfully it had the same result. The glue extracted them and they came out when I removed the hardened glue. Also, the sores on my face have the shards and are weeping tiny clear balls of some serum. If I wipe them off, more come out of my pores or hair follicles. It is the most horrific feeling. I am embarrassed to go out in public, I look horrific. Help!!!!

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  1. I am afraid What you are doing is not going to help at all .
    Staph infections must be treated with antibiotics that have been used as cefazolin, cefuroxime, cephalexin, nafcillin (Nallpen), oxacillin (Bactocill), dicloxacillin, vancomycin, clindamycin (Cleocin), rifampin, and telavancin (Vibativ).
    If they are resistant then expect MRSA..
    Intravenous antibiotics could be crucial in your case ..
    Please follow up with a dermatology specialist.

  2. Unfortunately you have antibiotic resistant staph cellulitis
    You need a very powerful antibiotic
    I recommend Vancomycin I.V slowly injected

    Good Luck

  3. hi
    these measures are not enough.
    broad spectrum antibiotics are required.
    intravenous ones will be more effective than oral ones.

  4. HI

  5. hello there
    crohns disease needs to be treated first.
    maintain high levels of hemoglobin by taking hematinics.
    take higher antibiotics.
    maintain proper hygiene

  6. I see a gastroenterologist and my general practice dr on a regular basis to maintain care for my crohns and I always get an antibiotic when I get a staph infection. I get my blood checked regularly so I can get iron infusions as soon as needed.

    I went to a dermatologist about four months ago when the infection started spreading and she gave me an oral antibiotic and a cream And have returned to see her a couple time since. I didn’t expect that the superglue would clear up anything, I simply did it to relieve the pain as it was debilitating.

    My Dermatoligist is not familiar with what is going on and is also researching it to find an appropriate treatment.

    I sent in my question to hopefully find somebody familiar with my simptoms so that I can get this under control in the quickest time possible as it is not only extremely painful but is not exactly pleasant to look at.

    The shards of “I don’t know what they are” are the most concerning. I have never heard of anything like this and neither has my Dermatoligist, which really makes me nervous.

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