I was diagnosed with bacterial epididymitis cause by enterococcus faecalis?

I’ve been dealing with this problem since March. I had pain in my left testicle and lower lumbar as well as my abdomen and lower abdomen right above my groin. The pain sometimes would radiate into my leg or legs and I’ve had to buy bigger pants in just the last month.

I was diagnosed with bacterial epididymitis cause by enterococcus faecalis testing positive on 4 unine tests for it. Was put on Cipro for 7 days. I felt great on it. Towards the last day i felt NORMAL again. Then 48 hours after my last dose it all came back. My last two unrine tests have been negative but my pain has now changed and unfortunately for the worse. I still have pain in my left testicle. Lumbar pain and frequent upper flank on the back pain below my ribs. The abdominal pain is now worse and i constantly feel bloated. Theres a burning sensation now in the abdomen, penis and when i urinate which i did not feel before. Also pain in the perenium and feeling like i have to make a bowel movement. Now i also get a burning sensation in my legs and abdomen and headaches are frequent.

I havent had sex in over 3 years and my blood tests have come back negative for any stds. In fact almost all my results were good except low b12 and slightly higher than normal triglycerides which i was told some mild exercise would help. Ct scan (non contrast) reveals no abnormalities in my kidneys or any of my abdominal organs. However the ct was not done in the groin region. My urologist says it cant be my prostate but has no clue how i got a enterococcus faecalis infection. Im only 32 years old and this is ruining my life. I cant sit at my desk at a brand new job for the time i need to be. Im urinaring more frequently than before and always feel like i have to poop. I dont want to eat because that aggrivates the bloating feeling. And ive already taken a lot of days off to go to doctors and waiting for weekend only appointments is slow. I cant afford a hospital visit to just sit there and run a battery of other tests that i keep waiting 1 and 2 weeks for and then need to wait a week to go get my results.

If its not prostititis then what could it be? And ive already done cipro so now if its a deeper infection ive already exposed it to cipro. Im scheduled for q cystoscopy but im worried my urologist isnt even going to check my prostate and says i should be fine but i am far from it.


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  1. Hi..
    Sorry to hear about your problem.

    Yes, Prostatitis can be a cause..
    So you can get it checked by consulting another Urologist..
    Your symptoms are resembling that of Acute Prostatitis..
    A urine culture, pre and post massage test or expressed prostatic secretions test can be done for diagnosis..
    For now you can also be advised pain relievers to ease your pain..

    Hope this helps..


  2. I am also having the same problem. However my only symptoms are that I have constant left testicle pain on top so im assuming its my epididymis and I have a pain in my urthrea mid shaft. After I urinate I sometimes get a pain on the end of my urethra. I sense it more when I am sitting down as well. I remember when I got symptoms a year ago I was on vacation and just all of a sudden had to urinate over and over. Ive gone to three doctors and have taken numerous antiobotics. I am currently taking amoxcillon and have been on it for 3 days so far. Hope it helps me. My doctor said if it doesn’t help then he will refer to another doctor who might be able to help me more. I had a test that showed I had enterococcus faecalis. STD test and urine test always comes back normal. Its a mess and I don’t know what to do because it is making me depressed.

  3. Im reading this from Hungary. Your problem is different with mine (i have epididymis infection from enterococcus faecalis) but trying to find solution in the hungarian forums lead to some people have the same problem as you has.

    Some of them arent realy able to walk now since they cannot find a doctor who can describe the problem.

    Enterococcus is a common disease the first try of my doctor was ciprinol which wasnt so effective. (Now I do augmentin that seems better.) I also try some natural like grapefruit seed oil and epilobium parviflorum tea.
    The medicine caused to eliminate the pain but as I tap my testicle I still feel the abnormal enlargement. I fear that if the augmentin is over the bacterias come back ….

    Try the natural ingredient as some forumer said these solved their problem but they need to wait 6 long month!…

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