I was diagnosed with a concussion, now have dizzy spells?

27 male no real medical history. I was in an accident 5 months ago and was diagnosed with a concussion. A few days after I was very dizzy with headaches. I still have the headaches and I was told I can have them for awhile. The dizziness kinda faded away with random spells every now and again but for the last week and a half my dizzy spells have come back and they are worse then ever. I still have the headaches along side them. Should I be worried and should I get checked out. The last spell I have was tonight when I was driving to work and I got so dizzy I ended up in a ditch. I have 0 prior dizzy spells. Never had one before the accident.

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  1. Hi
    In my opinion yes you should have a brain MRI to identify the problem, it seems like you were back to normal routine earlier than you should
    Also any symptoms that last more than 3 month after the initial concussion indicates that you need to check it out

    Good Luck

  2. Of course you need a check ..a MRI of brain is important to early detect any abnormality ..
    Do you have neck pain?

  3. hi
    there seems to be a intracranial brain tissue damage causing these symptoms.
    consult a neurophysician and a EEG done.
    A ct /mri of brain will help rule out any organic lesion

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