I was born with one kidney and tested slightly positive for hsv-2?

I am 39 yeare old male, a little over weight but overall healthy. I was having bad abdominal pain, especially during ejaculating and saw a Dr at a walk in clinic assuming it was a prostate infection as I have had them in the past. As a precaution she ordered std tests and a CT scan to test for diverticulitis. The CT scan came back negative but showed I was born with one kidney. The std tests came back negative for all except herpes. I was pretty sure I have hsv-1 since I’ve had cold sores 1-2× per year for many years but they also said i tested slightly positive for hsv-2 which is very concerning and confusing. I have only had sex once in the past 6 months and it was protected and no oral. The test results were as follows: herpes simplex I/II IGM .9 reference range <.9 Hsv I IgG 38.9 reference range <=.9 Hsv II IgG <.1. Reference range <=.9 HSV 1 IGM antibodies IFA. Detected A HSV 2 IgM antibodies IFA weakly detected I am very confused could you please tell me what it all says? Am I positive for hsv 2?

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  1. hi,
    the test do not seem to confirm hsv II at present.
    i advice you to repeat the tests after 1 month and see the results.
    only if all the tests are positive,then you can label it as positive.

  2. The report indicates you have been infected in the past with HSV 1 ..but no recent infections of hcv1,2
    No old infections with hsv2..
    I recommend redoing the test after a while in another lab..

  3. Hi..
    As per the investigation report it does not look like HSV 2 infection although a slight exposure is possible but is not a sign of full fledged infection..

    So do not worry about it..

    But it will be better if you get antiviral medication for HSV 1 infection..

    Hope this helps..


  4. Hi
    You need to repeat the test as it is unclear
    Also are you on immunosuppressive drugs or do you have any autoimmune disease?

  5. U are just having previous infection with HSV1 .. no worries, no need to take antiviral drugs as long as there is no symptoms, just safe sex, is v v v imp. And good hygiene

  6. Let me add that having one kidney is not a problem at all, u can live with a quarter kidney , as long as its functioning well, do routine KFT every 6m

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