I want to augment the size of my lips, please advise?

Hello. I have been wanting to increase the size of my lips for quite some time now. I am a 29 year old woman and I have been hating my lips ever since I can remember. What are the best techniques for lip enhancement and lip plumping? What can I expect to pay?


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  1. For lip enhancement and lip plumping we can use:

    1. Fillers -Hyaluronic acid products- These are fast and easy to do, provide good results although may be evident when touched but are not permanent – lasts about four to six months.

    2. Fat – Your own fat used as a graft is more natural both to the touch and to the look. Results are permanent only once the fat has been accepted by your system. But that is not guaranteed. It also may take a few sessions to get the size and look of your lips just right.

    3. Lip Tuck surgery is a much more exact intervention allowing for exact shaping and plumping of both the upper lip and lower lip. Wrinkle lines that are found around the lips can also be made less visible with Lip Tuck Surgery. Results can be remarkable with almost zero visible scarring. Of course we are dealing with surgery which involves local anesthesia, post surgery swelling and bruising and a recovery period.

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