I use cocodamol, had severe tight chest pains. Why is this?

Im a long term user of cocodamol 30/500 but just recently after taking 2 tablets i almost immediately get severe tight chest pains. I could hardly walk it was so bad. Why is this??

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  1. Hi..
    That would be one of the adverse effects of taking coedine and paracetamol..it sometimes causes blood pressure disturbances which may cause chest pain and tightness.tachycardia and breathlessness .. Try changing the medication. And the real question is why do u use it so frequent?

  2. This is a known (although perhaps not enough known) side effect of Cocomadol. Bad chest pain that resembles a heart attack. Users often get chest or intense stomach pains. Sometimes after eating some type of foods. Sometimes out of nowhere. Sometimes never. But you should make sure you are not however suffering from some kind of real heart issue. Get checked out. Cocomadol as u may be aware of is addictive. If u don’t really need it for a real medical reason. Hey … may be time to give it up!

  3. Hi
    This seems to be a side effect of using the drug for so long. It causes changes in cardiovascular and respiratory systems causing tight chest pains.
    This is usually temporary. Get ecg done and consult a physician if it occurs frequently.

  4. First time taking co codamol and I got the chest pain and stomach ache well this was second time first time I got dizzy and nausea and almost passed out and btw I’m 21 if u could email me with a suggestion or why this happened

  5. I took two cocodamol for first ever, started to feel lightheaded and then tightnes in my chest. I really tought I was having an heart attach. I will not be taking them again. When I spoke to pharmasist she said not to worry and just take one next time.

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