I take Prilosec 20mgs (OTC) and have taken this daily for over 10 yrs straight?

I am Age 55 & female. I take Prilosec 20mgs (OTC) and have taken this daily for over 10 yrs straight (maybe longer). I am recently bothered by the findings regarding taking this drug long term and its warnings that indicate osteoporosis, liver disease and dementia. I have taken this med as a daily treatment for heartburn and can not go a day without it or I will definitely suffer with heartburn.

What should I be taking in place of this? Please don’t say Tums ( that would be a joke). Also, my doctor always asked me what medicines I take every time I have appointment, which is every 6 months ( since I also take Zocor 10mg for elevated cholesterol ). Why if there are such findings would my doctor not be concerned about this?

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  1. Usually a very rare percent of people gets side effects from drugs,you should use different course like proton bump inhibitors … Nexium and anti GERD like ganaton 50mg..
    Get the main cause diagnosed ,so a h.pylori test is recommended ..
    And an upper GI endoscopy can be done …

  2. Hi
    Nexium is the most appropriate substitute, same family with less long term side effects
    Good Luck

  3. hi,
    i dont think it would cause any such side effects.
    These side effects occur in hardly 0.5 to 1 % of people.
    Nexium,ganaton are best substitutes.

  4. What other symptoms do u have beside the heart burn???, any pain elsewhere, bloody vomitus?? .. constipation, diarrhoea,
    Also nexium for now is the best substitute but its lil bit expensive, but I recommend u to do diet and life style modification first, in most cases it works ….

  5. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Do not worry as side effects does not occur necessarily in each and every individual so if you do not have nay problem with the medication you can continue with it..

    If you want to substitute you can take other drugs like esmoprazole, pantoprazole etc..
    Antacids like milk of magnesia can also help..

    Avoid spicy food and drink plenty of water..
    Always take walk after meals and take your dinner atleast 2 hours before sleep..
    You should sleep with head slightly raised as compared to feet..

    Hope this helps,,

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