4 Comments on “I suffered a severe concussion, arm now paralyzed?

  1. This depends,,
    Have you been hospitalized?
    What are the MRI results?
    Was there a hemorrhage?
    What treatment had you ?
    How long has passed since your accident?.

  2. In my opinion you need immediate hospital admission , you can be having a haemorrhage in the right temporal lobe (small hemorrage)
    Yes it will improve on its own but not 100 %
    Notice that you are experiencing pressure on brain nerve cells , brain cells die permenantly so you need to save them , once pressure is resolved cells that did not die will regain function
    Also physical therapy will be necessary to regain most of the function
    Please take it seriously

    Good Luck

  3. hi
    this is not a good sign.
    there may have been a traumatic intracranial hemorrhage that needs special attention.
    get MRI brain done and consult a neurologist.
    This definitely will not cure on its own.
    needs hospitalisation .
    (may need decompressive surgery depending upon mri reports)

  4. U need to be admitted to the hospital urgently and to do brain MRI , physiotherapy is gonna make a dramatic improvement,

    Get well soon

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