I suffered a major left sided hemiparesis in July 04, I started suffering from violent muscle spasms in my left Quads muscles?

I’m a 63 year old male I suffered a major left sided hemiparesis in July 04 this was caused by sinus bradicardia for which I have a single chamber pacemaker. The legacy of the stroke is dropfoot on my left side. But for the last two weeks I started suffering from violent muscle spasms in my left Quads muscles particularly over the distal end of the muscle just above my Lt Patella The spasming is so painful It almost makes me fall over and severely restricts my walking I am very concerned and want to know what may be causing this once the initial pain and spasm starts to ease I he constant discomfort in my upper leg just above my patella Have you any idea why this may be happening also my toes hurt particularly my little toe and the one next to it also on my left side My footwear is correct so there is no pressure on my toes.I hope you can give mean indication what maybe causing these spasms your sincerely(…)

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  1. Hi and welcome to question doctors.com this problem will be diagnosed by doing calcium in blood or MRI of lower back..
    Calcium disorder or disc lesion..
    Is there any numbness?
    Do you take calcium tabs or enough calcium rich foods daily?

  2. Your condition is unilatteral
    Which suggests neural problem but the severty indicate electolyte level problems as well .
    I suggest doing MRI scan over your lumber vertebra
    increasing your calcium potassium intake
    And try burger circulatory exercise (elevate your leg while going ankle pump 15 times then drop leg below bed level for 30 sec , other leg must be flexed though out the exercise , repeat 3 times twice a day )if this helps then you will need doplar on your leg
    Good Luck

  3. Thankyou for your answer there is no numbness only pain I will try the exercises you suggest I am on a diet at present and eat potassium in the form of bananas,but think my calcium intake might be low I do take anti coagulation medication in the form of apaxibam also simvastatin. also I have recently been diagnosed as a type II diabetic and have a non alcohol related fatty liver Yours sincerely Ged

  4. Hello. The spasms may be a result of hyperactivity after a stroke. This usually occurs in more than half of patients after a stroke. There are certain medications (muscle relaxants) as well as exercise regimens that may be prescribed/ advised to relieve the spasms. For this, I will advise that you follow up with your GP or your neurologist. In addition, other conditions such as mineral or vitamin deficiencies may present similarly with spasms. However, these are most often systemic which means they present on both sides of the body, instead of just being one- sided like in your case. Nonetheless, it helps to have a healthy balanced diet and take vitamin supplements.
    I hope I was able to help you in some way.

  5. hi
    its most probably due to a disc lesion or hypocalcemia. MRI of lower back with whole spine screening is highly recommended. Vitamin D3 deficiency can also be the reason. Get vitamin D levels checked.

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  7. hello there

    these spasms may be due to electrolyte and carnitine deficiency. calcium loss may also be the reason.
    Take L- carnitine tablets for 1 month and consult a neurophysician if things don’t improve

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